Corporate Finance

Going public, private placement, structured corporate sales and the involvement of staff are all aspects of a single, unified corporate financing system. As service provider in the area of corporate finance the firm, Dr. Werner & Collegen, sees itself as a reliable partner for capital procurement, and supports its clients in all matters of corporate finance, regardless of whether the client is hoping to found a company, increase capital or obtain consultancy in structured financing in the context of an MBO or MBI.

In this regard not only do we consider corporate finance in its short-term aspects, but we are also available to our clients in every phase of the company cycle, from start-up financing right up to going public, from straightforward capital initiatives and value added through balance-sheet optimisation right up to going public in the context of a private placement, and we thus produce real opportunities for growth for our clients.

We look forward to a consultation with you, which will not imply any commitment on your part, in which we can give you a detailed explanation of the opportunities that are actually open to you in matters of capital procurement and value added.