Performance Record

Since 1983 Dr. Werner & Collegen have led numerous medium-sized companies to the German capital markets. We have planned and drawn up more than 600 issuing prospectuses, and have been in charge of a total issue volume of more than 5.8 billion Euros. Innovative and future-orientated concepts, company-specific solutions and a consulting method which strictly client- and success-orientated made the office to one of the leading German service providers concerning going public consulting with numerous relations to the German capital markets.

Numerous publications and references of issuing companies prove the competence and experience of our lawyers and consultants. As a matter of course you can order our press review (88 pages) as a performance record as well as other brochures and manuals.

During the last two decades, Dr. Werner & Collegen have implemented issues of all forms of participation, e.g. share issues, participation certificates and participation rights, limited partnership’s shares, silent partnerships, bearer bonds (loans), and fund prospectuses. Inform yourself about your possibilities of raising equity capital in Germany with the help of our 78-pages German-language manual Eigenkapitalbeschaffung mit einem Beteiligungs- und Verkaufsprospekt am außerbörslichen Kapitalmarkt (“Raising equity capital with an participation and sales prospectus at the free capital market”) or order free German-language informative material about raising equity capital and other references.

Furthermore, the going public consultants have been supporting sales companies with lectures, seminars and trainings for financial service providers for many years. Inform yourself in detail with our German-language manual Erfolgsregeln und Verkaufsstrategien für Finanzdienstleister (“Rules for success and sales strategies for financial service providers”) (80 pages). For almost two decades Dr. Werner & Collegen have supported companies within the context of the placement via Internet, at company presentations and through intensive consultations on issue marketing. Managers can get further insights into the placing of issues in our 64-pages German-language manual Zur Praxis von Platzierung und Vertrieb für Emissionsunternehmen (“On the practice of placing and sale of issuing companies”).

Our brochure Balance strategies and balance optimizing for medium-sized enterprises (41 pages) gives you an interesting insight into the development of balance strategies and balance optimizing. Our 42-page coloured specialist brochure Financing of company sales and company succession contains detailed information on the financing of the purchase and the sale of a company as well as the regulation of company succession.

As from a planed emission volume of EUR 100.000,-, we offer a first-time, none-binding, introductory consultancy and strategy meeting for medium-sized enterprises regarding a private placement. Furthermore, we are pleased to offer you our services as reliable partners for company financing, including company formation, capital increase and the admission of new partners and shareholders as well as the development of employee participation programs and structured financing in the context of company takeovers and succession. Please contact us.