„…Thanks to your impulse, we set to work immediately. As you have already done in the past, you have again assumed the revision of our new prospectus. We are confident that with the prospectus elaborated by you we will be able to act successfully on the market with our marketing structures... We are looking forward to the future and your accompanying consultancy services." 

                                                   Monarchis Grundbesitzgesellschaft mbH 
                                    Managing directors S. Schneider, H. Bahadir, Ulm

„…The counselling results achieved by you for the integration of our former companies into the new holding United Network Industries AG will lead to a considerable added value. By means of an investment in kind our previous equity capital will multiply and increase to a capital stock of more than Euro 50 Mio.... In view of the tightened requirements for financing, from many sides, including banks, we were advised that a private placement is the only possible way.“ 

                                                                                            innoFLEX AG 
                                                        Chairmen R. Mundt, M. Rothe, Berlin

„…Besides, we received positive reactions from German as well as from Swiss banks regarding the issue. In almost all conversations our prospectus received a favourable evaluation. For a substantial part of this we have to thank you... There is no doubt that the middle class has to find new ways of financing. With you and your company we have found a competent partner for these new alternatives. Naturally, we will realize future projects with you." 

                                                                                             DRONCO AG 
                                                                Chairman H. Bröker, Wunsiedel

„… We would like to thank you for your professional advice and support regarding the elaboration of our prospectus for the sale of participation certificates. This is also true for the conversion of our company to a stock corporation with a considerable value added amounting of more than EUR 8.5 Mio. With your distinct expertise you have indicated us ways and solutions which can be considered forward-looking not only for our company group but also for all medium-sized businesses. You have given us answers to our questions which our banks and tax consultant were not able to give. “ 

                                                                        AUTO-PLANET-RÖDEL AG 
                                                          Chairman D. Rödel, Oberkotzau/Hof

„…Following some initial difficulties regarding the placement of our shares we have now been able to eliminate the obstacles from the joint path thanks to the support and expert consultancy of your law firm... Especially your support and your consulting service ranging from legal advice to the selection of highly qualified experts for designing the prospectuses as well as the placement will always be remembered by us." 

                                                                               pvh Solar-Energie AG 
                                                                Chairman Marcus Klinge, Fulda

„…Thanks to your professional support we have been able to place a unique product on the free capital market. With your know-how and the perfect execution we have developed a prospectus which is getting a very good response from financial advisers... Finally, it can only be said that the cooperation with you is marked by high quality and outstanding competence." 

                        Deutscher Mittelstand Investitons- und Beteiligungs GmbH 
                                             Managing director Peter Hänfling, Göttingen

„…from my point of view, the most important thing is to have the right partner for the solution of pending problems. This is even more important for unfamiliar areas of expertise. For this reason I am very pleased to have made the acquaintance of you and your company. I am sure that your professionalism regarding the elaboration of the prospectus cannot be outdone." 

                                                                L. Küblböck Baukeramik GmbH 
                                  Managing director F. Winkelmann, Burglengenfeld

„…we hereby wish to thank you and express our appreciation for your counselling as well as the preparation of our prospectus. With the help of the prospectus elaborated by you we were able to place about EUR 10 Mio. “ 

                                                                 Akura Kapital Management AG 
                                                         Chairman Manuel Sieber, Würzburg

„…The cooperation with you was always professionally fast and accommodating. We could always be sure that the latest, legally relevant aspects of this market were being taken into account and would therefore like to express our thanks to you and your team. “ 

                                                  KMU Gesellschaft für Beteiligungen mbH 
                                          Managing director Gerhard Thomas, Landshut

”...we are pleased to confirm that we could place a first tranche of 10 million Euros, with the help of the plan of our issue that you elaborated and the prospectus that you drew up. Your plan was exactly what we were looking for.” 

                                                        Thamm & Partner Grundbesitz GmbH 
                                                                     A. Thamm (Manager), Berlin

“…we were praised repeatedly for our sales prospectus from experts…You have always solved occurring problems quickly, competently and willingly…Between September of 2000 and November of 2001, we were able to place more than 11 million Euros in numerous tranches at the capital market.” 

                                                                                              Tele-Info AG 
                                                            R. Sood (CEO), Hannover-Garbsen

“…we want to emphasize your high standard specialist competence and your foresighted performance while drawing up the issuing prospectus. The sales prospectus was well accepted by our clients and sales partners and also stands up to critical business partners. Thanks to your consultation on balance sheet optimisation, we were able to raise some million Deutschmarks of share capital and placed more than 48 million Euros with the help of the issuing prospectus that you planned and drew up. 

                                                                           OFL AnlagenLeasing AG 
                                                       A. Löhr and F. Peinelt (CEO), Dresden

“…for more than four years, we have constructively and trustingly been cooperating with you and within a short period of time we have placed more than 5 million Euros of equity participation capital.” 

                                                                                               Vericon AG 
                                                             D. Brandscheidt (CEO), Königstein

„…Due to the cooperation of your network it was possible that only a few months passed from the first contact with you until the first placement by means of our financial services. In the meantime, we have been able to place a subscription sum of more than two Million EUR.“ 

                                                                                         GK FINANZ AG 
                                               Chairmen Jürgen Kettner, Günther Gehrig, 
                                                                                      Bad Mergentheim

„…We are very pleased to inform you that until today, by means of our bearer bonds and participation certificates, we were able to obtain about 70 investors with a participation volume of approximately EUR 750.000,00 for CONTIGO.“ 

                                                                                        CONTIGO GmbH 
                                                      Managing director I. Herbst, Göttingen

„…A short time after having started the placement of our participation certificates we have already been able to place more than EUR 1.1 Mio. with capital investors thanks to the prospectus developed by you...”. 

                                                          DI Deutsche Investmentberatung AG 
                                                             Chairmen P. Epli, H. Jillich, Forst

„…today, we would like to inform you again about the very positive development and acceptance of our pre-market emission on the free capital market, particularly on behalf of our distribution partners and customers … Therefore, we have already been able to place more than EUR 2,000,000.00 and are expecting a further placement of a million in the next few weeks.“ 

                                                                                                    GRE AG 
                                                    Chairmen F. Audilet, T. Dick, Steinpleis

„…We were very impressed by your expert competence as well as the fast execution of all pending tasks by you and your team. In view of the excellent support received from your company we are very confident concerning the beginning of the placement. “ 

                                                              Vogeley Lebensmittelwerk GmbH 
                                                                 Chairmen B. Dublinski, Hameln