Financial strength and competitiveness

By participating in the equity capital of voting or non-voting investors via the free capital market or the stock markets, your company will achieve further advantages:

  • increase in equity and increase of equity quota in relation to liabilities and the balance-sheet total
  • no furnishing of collateral; protection of collateral securities and avoidance of guarantees
  • increase of the financial standing of the company and improvement of credit worthiness and rating
  • making the most of the rate competition of financial institutions and achieving considerably more reasonable lending terms for future project financing by an increased equity capital deposit
  • achieving a leverage effect (mostly tripling) of the potential entire financial resources of the company
  • increase of the independence of banks and venture capital companies 
  • increase of the financial strength and liquidity and thus considerable improvement of the competitive position and market position, compared to the competitors
  • achieving considerable cost advantages, because the minimum distribution with a long-term bond of three to twenty years is currently prospected with at least 5 % p.a.