The way to the capital market

A private placement is an extraordinarily flexible financing instrument, because it is available to any company at any time – even if large investors (for example institutional investors, such as venture capital companies, investment companies or private equity funds) are already participating. A private placement guarantees the company absolute freedom in acquiring capital. Independent from third parties, the company alone determines on its own when and how it takes action, in which way it raises capital and with whom it enters into negotiation. The capital strategy is extremely versatile and can be applied in accordance with the company’s individual needs at any time.

Rasing equity capital by a capital market issue requires great commitment of the initiating company it’s management. After preparing the participation model and completing the sales prospectus, the entrepreneur has to convince the financial service providers, sales and marketing companies and last but not least the prospective investors by way of an offensive placement marketing (presentations, road shows, mailings, insertions, IR, Internet) of the future prospects of the company.

The Internet offers many ways to ensure better placement results. It enables the company to carry out precise marketing campaigns according to the particular circumstances that are specifically designed for the designated target group. Nowadays many capital market issues are (partially) offered to interested investors via the Internet. The High-Tech Media AG, one of the business partners of Dr. Werner & Collegen, provides prospective investors with information about private placements and private public offerings. it is the largest information portal in this field of interest.