Staff profit-sharing schemes

Just as with the devising of a private placement, in the area of staff profit-sharing schemes, too, the skills of the firm, Dr. Werner & Collegen, are as wide-ranging as the demands of a successful staff profit-sharing model. The firm’s lawyers and issue consultants are able to advise companies in all matters of the law, balance-sheet accounting and the staffing economy, such as will arise in connection with a staff profit-sharing scheme. Here is an extract from our consultancy proposition:

  • Designing of direct and indirect participation models,
  • Framing of participation documents and contracts, company agreements etc.,
  • Securing of state support,
  • Designing of participation models for structured company transfer,
  • Participation models for companies in crisis and in the context of the reorganisation of companies, e.g. using welfare scheme resources or funding for the founding of companies and staff profit-sharing schemes, financed by outside capital, for the mobilisation of short-term resources,
  • Company structure consultancy and choice of legal form,
  • Procurement of registered company’s (GmbHs and AGs) for indirect participation models
  • Company law, the law relating to groups of companies and holding company law,
  • Conversion of legal form and conversion law,
  • Value added by the bringing in of funds and mergers,
  • Balance-sheet accounting strategies and tax optimisation and
  • Giving talks and training at company presentation events.