Analysis of Sales Prospectuses for Financial Advisors
by the lawyer
Dr. jur. Horst S. Werner

Göttingen 2003
1th edition,
28 pages,
€ 35,-

When advising potential investors a financial advisor must not only keep in mind the interests and financial abilities of potential investors but also pay attention to the characteristics of the different investment products. Otherwise they may be hold legally liable for wrong advising. This brochure is intended as a guide for financial advisors with the help of which, by means of an optimal analysis of the brochure, counseling interviews and sales conversations with investors may be accurately prepared. For example, the authors explain which information is important to the investors and in which part of a sales prospectus the corresponding explanations can be found. Furthermore, technical terms are being explained and it is illustrated why certain information being given in sales prospectuses need to be passed on to the investor.

With this brochure the business and tax lawyer Dr. jur. Horst S. Werner have managed to explain the complex topic of the analysis of prospectuses in simple words. The brochure is addressed to young financial consultants and advirsors who are dealing with the topic for the first time as well as to experienced financial consultants who wish to advance their know-how.

The authors have been working as business and tax lawyer in the field of structural finance related and business law for several years.