Mezzanne capital - Increase of capital ratio by means of mezzanine finance
by the lawyer
Dr. Horst S. Werner

Bank-Verlag GmbH
Fachbuch, Köln 2007,
193 page
2nd edition
39,- €
ISBN 3-86556-135-7

On an international scale, the equity ratio of German medium-sized enterprises is very low (less than 6 %).  Therefore it is indispensable for such enterprises to improve their equity capital and to open up new funding sources. 

In this context, the financing of medium-sized enterprises by means of so-called mezzanine capital is becoming increasingly important. Mezzanine capital refers to financial instruments which are classified as equity capital without granting the investors voting rights or other means of influence. That way mezzanine capital strengthens the equity ratio and thus improves the financial standing and the rating of a company. In doing so it increases it’s opportunities regarding the additional loan financing at affordable terms. 

The new specialist book „Mezzanine Capital“ informs the reader in detail about methods of mezzanine financing and their significance for medium-sized companies and explains the different mezzanine financial instruments from the legal, balancing and tax point-of-view. Furthermore it describes possible individual forms of mezzanine financing. In addition, the book thoroughly deals with mezzanine investors and the placement of mezzanine financial instruments on the capital market.

The book is primarily addressed to medium-sizes entrepreneurs and their consultants, business associations and professional associations as well as banks and financing companies. 

The author is a business and tax lawyer with many years of experience regarding the development of successful mezzanine financing strategies. He has lead more than six hundred companies to the capital markets and backed a placing volume of more than Euro 5.8 billion during capital raising.   

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