On the practise of placing and sales for issuing companies
by the lawyer
Dr. jur. Horst S. Werner,

Göttingen 2005,
64 pages,
Euro 45,-

The manual shows the issuing company ways of acting and strategies for successful issue marketing and an efficient placement of shares. It explains how to deal with financial service providers and placement partners concerning a quick raising of equity capital. In addition, a presentation of the company that perfectly fits to the issuing is illustrated.

The brochure supplied with useful advice, specimen contracts and instructions is created from the twenty years of experience of the author as an issuing consultant in more than 150 capital market issues, countless presentations and seminars on placing.

Rules for success and sales strategies for financial service providers and sales departments.

The brochure describes the free capital market and the successful sale of financial products and the management of the placement. Furthermore, it supplies advice for the selection of products, sales marketing, preparation of a sales contract, regulations of commission and sales´ liability risk..