Raising equity capital with an investment an sales prospectus at the free capital market
by the lawyer 
Dr. jur. Horst S. Werner, Göttingen

Göttingen 2006,
9th edition, 75 pages,
52,- €

The brochure describes all possibilities of raising equity capital through shares of investors via sales prospectuses at the free capital market. The placement of shares at the capital market to raise equity capital is not only reserved for large companies (for example public limited companies). Furthermore, the market for the placing of an issue is not exclusively the stock market. Also small and medium-sized companies of all imaginable legal forms of the commercial company (for example partnership in commerce, limited partnership, private limited companies and cooperatives) can float a capital market issue. These kinds of issues can be placed in the form of bondless shares. The issuing of participation certificates (with share of the profits and loss sharing) is also available to smaller companies as a marketable bond.